Monday, June 16, 2008

A Conversation with a Singleton

While standing around, waiting for the drugstore to open (because we had to drop off the car first thing in the morning for an oil change, it was right there, and we needed things like floss), a woman approached us.

Woman: "Are you guys twins?"
Baby A & B: (smiles) "Yes, we are."
Woman: "That's what I thought. I couldn't decide if you two were just siblings that look really alike or if you were twins."

Now, at this point, I'm think she's thinking we're identical. That is not the case.

Woman: "Are you identical?"

How would we look so alike otherwise? If she did not think we were identical, then why did she jump to fraternal twins, instead of siblings? Fraternals can look very similar, somewhat similar, or be as dissimilar looking as strangers, just like singleton siblings can. It surprises me how much me 3/4 of an inch over Baby A throws people off.

Baby A & B: "Yes, we are."
Woman: "No." (in that shocked way) "Really?"

Baby A and I pull back our hair, she makes comparisons, etc. It takes her awhile to comprehend.

She then asks one of the most common questions.

Woman: "What does it feel like to be twins?"
Baby A: "Well, we don't really know..."
Baby B: "Because we haven't ever NOT been twins, so we have nothing to compare it too."
Woman: "How does it feel to know she has your genetic material?"
Baby A & B: (basically same thing as above)

The conversation continues in the same vein.

We love, love, looove talking about being twins. But we also come up against so many myths and misconceptions. I know I can't change them all, but that's what this blog about.

Baby B

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Mike said...

My wife and her brother are twins and have heard SO many stupid comments over the years. My favorite is when she is asked if they are identical twins. She's tempted to respond, "You mean besides the fact he has a penis?"