Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blogging for LGBT Families, or A Little Something About IVF Multiples

Tomorrow, June 2, is the official Blogging for LGBT Families Day, thanks to Mombian.

Some people seemingly are upset about multiples from in vitro fertilization in general. For instance, I was shocked to read about what Jennifer over at Arcane Matters heard from a dad at a park. You can read about it here. And he didn't even know that she and her girlfriend were parents to those two adorable little girls. If he was so intolerant of straight people going about things the "non-natural" way, I can't imagine what he would have thought about a lesbian couple having babies the only way they can: the "non-natural" way. The rant he had against IVF was a disservice to EVERYONE who can't get pregnant the old fashioned way.

It is generally agreed that human females were meant to carry one baby at a time. Most women release one mature egg per month. Some women naturally release two or more per month. Are the fraternal twins that result unnatural because they resulted from a woman's genetic tendency for hyperovulation? Will it come to the point that families with fraternal twins will be stopped in the supermarket and interrogated about whether or not they resulted from IVF? How damaging it could be for IVF multiples to be told by outsiders that they were "non-natural" and the decision their parents made to have them was wrong.

Apparently, the Tories over in the UK feel that lesbians should NOT be allowed to undergo IVF UNLESS they agree to have a "father figure" or male role model in the life of the child or children that result.

Excuse me? What are they going to do about all the children who grow up fatherless because abandonment or death? What about single women who are ready for children but haven't found a significant other yet? The Tories seem to believe that "family breakdown" has caused the rising rates of poverty within Britain. I am pretty sure, but I'm no political or socioeconomic expert, that having a father figure doesn't automatically mean your family is above the poverty line.

This hysteria about letting babies be raised without a father is by no means new. After the first "test tube baby" Louise Brown was born, University of Chicago professor Leon Kass wrote in 1972, “And why stop at couples? What about single women, widows, or lesbians?” He also believes that birth control is wrong, women should dress modestly to help men contain their desires, and feminism and long-lasting marriage are not compatible. Hmmm.

I, for one, think there is nothing "non-natural" about wanting a family, no matter your sexual orientation, whether you go about it through IVF, surrogacy, sex, adoption, becoming a foster parent, etc. Love is what makes a family.

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