Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Name Game

No posts for awhile, I know. Baby A and I started full time jobs working at a day camp for kids 7 to 13. It has been exhausting. We have swim every day (note the need for the one pieces last post), plus outdoor games, indoor games, free time, etc. During the day, we give all our energy and attention to the kids, so when we get home, all we want to do is eat and sleep.

So, we work with the same group of kids. There's about 40 of them everyday. That means there is plenty of confusion. We knew this would happen. We DO look alike.

So, to circumvent the name issues and the "What's your name" questions, we've started a little game.

Baby B: "I'm Baby B (yeah, that's not really my name, hang with me here), and what color am I wearing?"
Campers: "GREY!"
Baby B: "So who is that?"
Campers: "BABY A!" (sheesh, just pretend, OK?)
Baby B: "And what color is she wearing?"
Campers: "GREEN!"
Baby B: "What's my name?"
Campers: "BABY B!"
Baby B: "What color am I wearing?"
Campers: "GREY!"
Baby B: "What color is Baby A wearing?"
Campers: "GREEN!"
Baby B: "Which one is that one?"
Campers: "BABY A!"
Baby B: "Which one am I?"
Campers: "BABY B!"

It's redundant. It's monotonous. But it works. You do what you can when you work with your clone.

Baby B

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Heather said...

So do you have to wear green and grey every day?