Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News Flash

I found my driver's license!! Yay, right?

I know, I know. You didn't even know I lost it. Do you realize how humiliating it is to be an "adult" and lose the most important plastic-y card you have been given? Social Security card doesn't count, because it's printed on cardstock, or whatever. If I had not found my driver's license, that would have been the second one THIS YEAR. Not counting LAST YEAR. I'd like to point out, one was lost in a field and I looked for a looooong time for it, and the other managed to get very lost at a friend's house (where it still has not been seen). Of course, I am now posting my humiliation on the web. What can I say? It's how I roll.

Why tell you about my driver's license, you ask? So I can transition into this story: Baby A and I trade cards. And by cards, we're not referring to baseball or odd imported characters, we're referring to important cards, the kind kept in wallets. Is that illegal, or frowned upon? Never mind, I prefer not to know.

Yesterday, while on the errand trip from you-know-where, we needed food. "Need" may be understating it. I threatened to eat one of her limbs, and she warned me my forehead was in imminent danger. So, we hit the In-n-Out. It was my turn to pay, but I was cranky, so I just handed an ID and my debit card to my sister.

I've used her school ID to check out pots and pans to cook with from the area office. She's used my school ID to buy food at the convenience store next to the area office. Oh yeah, impersonation has been running rampant in this twinkie relationship. But never in class, or anything important, mind you. Just for... food. Just for food.

Yeah, that basically sums us up. Totally on the straight and narrow, but willing to break all sorts of laws when our blood sugar takes a nosedive.

Nom nom nom,
Baby B

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Heather said...

I've lost my license more times than I can count. One summer I lost it four times (I blame my shallow shorts pockets). After you lose it that many times, the DMV starts threatening you and saying you can't get another one. But they're lying. They'll totally give you another one.