Saturday, June 7, 2008

Six Things, Food Edition

Six things Baby A and I agree on about food:

1. Hold the pickles, please.

2. Rice can be eaten with ANYTHING, including more rice. We grew up with a rice cooker at both households, so it shocked us when we found out that some people didn't own rice cookers or that some people thought rice cookers were just "an Asian thing." Uh, no. DELICIOUS RICE IS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

3. Mexican food should be eaten with liberal amounts of whatever the house red sauce is. We aren't Tex-Mex fans.


5. We like darker lettuce, and we particularly don't like the awkward-to-eat ribs. Plus, there are not as many nutrients in pale lettuce.

6. FRIED POTATOES, in all their many, glorious incarnations.

Why "Six Things"? Because five is not divisible by two, and I'm not sure I could hold your attention with ten things. I am just keeping it real.

Baby B

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