Sunday, June 15, 2008

About My Dad

Being a father of twin baby girls is hard, no doubt. Dad has done a fantastic job.

He was, and is, a bit overprotective. But many people have told us that they had never seen a dad take such a interest in feedings and diapers. (It probably had something to do with Baby A's weight scare). I believe there may have actually been logs of all of this. I wouldn't put it past him.

Being in the Navy, he was briefly stationed in Northern California when we were very young. We were in Southern California, with our mom. (They were separated/divorced by this point). He would drive the loooong drive at least twice a month to come spend the weekend with us. That would be a California round trip in a weekend.

As we got older, Dad made sure that one twin NEVER felt left out. He always asked us "Are you sure you guys don't need two?" We share pretty well, so we often just got one of something. Once, he didn't want one of us to have to wait for the other twin to finish the newest Harry Potter book, so he just bought two. The day it came out. In the madness. That's dedication.

He'd always tell me, in private, to take care of my sister. In turn, I later found out, Dad would tell Baby A to take care of me. Cultivating that sort of twin relationship is something I can at least partially credit Dad for. And that is something we will carry with us forever.

Happy Father's Day!
Baby B

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Heather said...

Aw, Happy Father's Day to the daddy of Babies A & B!