Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Six Things, TV Edition

It's summer, so (besides the full time jobs wrangling kids that start soon) it's time for some quality time with the television.

This list took a lot of time and effort. We wanted to avoid just putting channels, because that would be a cop out. And we don't cop out in this family*.

1. Jon & Kate + 8. OK, so trying for one more baby and getting six is a little sketchy (at least six embryos were implanted for that to happen, none are identical, so no embryo churned out two babies), but we LOVE this show. Yes, we love anything to do with multiples, but Kate is hilarious (and she reminds me of myself, if I were under the pressure cooker of eight kids), and the kids are WAY. TOO. CUTE. Plus, we think Jon and Kate do a really fantastic job fostering their relationships with the individual kids and fostering the relationships between the kids. Yay for Jon & Kate + 8!

2. Modern Marvels. We are nerds.

3. Good Eats. Alton Brown is our hero. He is fantastic. And he had a direct impact with what I want to do with my life, because he gets all into the science of food. (Other things that influenced my clinical nutrition major: the obesity epidemic, malnutrition in Americans when we have enough calories to eat, malnutrition in citizens of other countries when they DON'T have enough calories to eat, and the sad kids at Disneyland who can't walk the whole time and would rather get a second ice cream cone then meet Mickey).

4. How It's Made. See #2.

5. Food Network Competitions. We love the Food Network in general, and picking just one FN personality is hard. We chose the competitions because they are accessible for everyone, even those who don't enjoy traditional cooking shows. They have got strategy, the pressure of the clock, and endurance. It's like football, but for cake. We like football, but love food more. Ergo.

6. Deadliest Catch. Woohoo! Ocean + drama + ruggidness + fish = totally awesome.

*"We don't ______ in this family" is Baby A and I's new thing. "We don't waste energy in this family" was where it started, when she left the light on as we were about to leave. It is such a handy phrase.

If you feel like it, and watch TV, leave us a comment about what shows you enjoy. We're not closed-minded about TV in this family. Unless it's on MTV.

Baby B

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Heather said...

It's all Jon & Kate all the time in our house. Multiples, preemies, it really is my crack.