Friday, June 20, 2008

Meeting Half of an Identical Twin Pair

Baby A and I were at a sporting goods store, and we were going to pay separately.

I walked up first, put my purchase on the counter, and the transaction began. Baby A and I tend to draw double takes anyway, but this time, it was more than a double take.

Cashier: "Are you two twins?"
Baby A & B: "Yes." (smiles)
Cashier: "I am, too!"
Baby A: "Identical?"
Cashier: "Yeah, we're identical."

Baby A and I were pretty excited. Meeting multiples of any kind is a lot of fun for us, but we can count on one hand the number of adults who have told us they have an identical twin.

We talked about names. As previously stated, our names do begin with the same letter, but they don't rhyme. NO RHYMING HERE. Baby A and I love names that go together well, but aren't fans of rhyming names for multiples. But that's a different post. Anyway, the cashier and her twin's names sounded good together, but didn't start with the same letter. All three of us agreed that naming multiples can be tricky, because parents want the names to pair well together but many are worried about picking names that are too alike. Some are not worried
enough, but that's for later.

Meeting another identical was exciting. Too bad she didn't work with her twin; it is always fun to be the one who feels like she's seeing double, for once.

Baby B

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Heather said...

Good! I don't like the rhyming names, either. We are Heather & Kyle. Nothing cutesy about 'em!