Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Apart

Baby A and I decided not to go home for Thanksgiving this year. It had something to do with exorbitantly high airplane ticket prices and the fact that we'll be home for winter break in just a few weeks.

And then I got invited to Thanksgiving with my boyfriend's family. And then back to their home for the long weekend. So, that is where I am now.

I have had Thanksgiving dinner without Baby A before, but never had I just not seen her on Thanksgiving.

And you know what? I MISSED HER. As we drove back by our town on the way from the (all day) dinner to my boyfriend's hometown, I was tempted to stop by our apartment and see her for a bit.

I settled for texting her.

I always buy her a little something when I go away for the weekend. This was no exception. I can't wait to get back to open it with her.


PS: I totally did not abandon my twinkie. I asked her beforehand, and then she made her own plans. We're all good.

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