Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Saved A Life!

It took FOR.EV.ER to donate blood yesterday. I had never done it before, so I had to register with the company. Baby A donated blood the day before and so she was in the system. Lo and behold, two people living at the same household with similar names and very similar SSNs! The guy seemed all concerned that I was trying to fraud them, or make another profile with them.

Seriously, I told him her name, her SSN, her date of birth (duh), even her weight. Though, if he was that concerned I was donating twice in two days and thought I had made it all up, then I should know all of fake "Baby A"'s stats. But he was convinced Baby A and I's information was correct, and we moved on.

It also took a long time because there were no good veins in my left arm (I'm a rightie, so that was unfortunate) and because my blood pressure was too low to donate. Nothing like some serious nerves to raise that blood pressure to the point where I could give.

I got a flyer about joining the National Marrow Donor Program at the donation. And today I found this post. Abbie, the Handmade Quilt-er, whipped up a beautiful lap quilt (in a ridiculously short amount of time and free of charge) at the request of neighbors to give to another neighbor, a woman who donated marrow to a stranger with leukemia.

To celebrate this woman's selfless act, Abbie is giving away a quilt similar to the one she made for the woman (pictured above).

I love quilts, so I definitely entered. You should enter too!

I feel this is one more push from the universe for me to join the Marrow Donor Program.


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Mike said...

Good job on giving blood. I've never done it, though when my baby was sick my mother in law gave...for karma's sake I need to give!