Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to School (and the Vet)

The great thing about the quarter system is that you get to start fresh every 10 or so weeks. (11th week is finals.) The not-so-great thing about the quarter system is that you have to start over every 10 or so weeks.

Oh, and our sweet baby kitty L.ouis needs oral surgery, and it's scheduled for this Friday. (He's not actually a kitten. He's approx. 2.5 years old but he'll always be our baybee.) Right now, Baby A and I are pretty calm about this. On Friday, after we leave him in the very capable hands of the vet though, I'm pretty sure there will be TEARS.

In more upbeat news, PICTURES!

Amanda's tattoo is all finished, but needs some touch ups.
I have a few broken lines, but nothing noticeable, so I think I'll leave mine.

Ignore the dry skin. Look, shiny! And pretty ocean!

This is the beach, on the North Shore, where the nose ring picture was taken. So. Blue.

The twinks at a different beach. Yes, we have the same style of sunglasses. Not because we're twins, but because Wayfarers are awesome.


Monday, March 22, 2010

A List, Because I'm Lazy and on Spring Break

  • I'll definitely be posting some pictures of my nose piercing and some more of our tattoos...
  • Because we're in Hawaii, and hellooo, people take photos on vacation. And in Hawaii, it's all beautiful weather and ZOMG amazing beaches, which makes the whole showing-off-tattoos thing a lot easier than 40 degrees and rain, like it was for much of the school quarter.
  • Baby A is sick with bronchitis, unfortunately. Here, on the island. Poor thing. Thank goodness for health care. HCR, anyone?
  • On a different health-related note, apparently helmets aren't the law here. I have seen so many moped and motorcycle riders without them. Every time I see one, I freak out a bit, because traumatic brain injury or even worse? Not even HCR can fix that. Granted, I do ride my bike without a helmet (shame on me), but I ride almost exclusively on bike paths, away from motorized traffic (rationalization, FTW!). I could fall off my bike or get hit by a bike and hit my head, but I'm pretty sure the probability of a brain injury from that kind of fall is much lower than the probability of one from getting hit with a car or truck or hitting the asphalt at high speeds. I really should get a helmet or wear the one I actually do own, in any case.
  • I am obviously going to enjoy this vacation, but I'm also looking forward to next quarter. I will start working in a lab studying lactation and infant development on campus, I'm taking classes I (mostly) really want to take, and I have a big sewing project all ready for me to getting a-sewing on. Speaking of that project and next quarter...
  • I'm marching for Maddie again. Are you?