Monday, March 22, 2010

A List, Because I'm Lazy and on Spring Break

  • I'll definitely be posting some pictures of my nose piercing and some more of our tattoos...
  • Because we're in Hawaii, and hellooo, people take photos on vacation. And in Hawaii, it's all beautiful weather and ZOMG amazing beaches, which makes the whole showing-off-tattoos thing a lot easier than 40 degrees and rain, like it was for much of the school quarter.
  • Baby A is sick with bronchitis, unfortunately. Here, on the island. Poor thing. Thank goodness for health care. HCR, anyone?
  • On a different health-related note, apparently helmets aren't the law here. I have seen so many moped and motorcycle riders without them. Every time I see one, I freak out a bit, because traumatic brain injury or even worse? Not even HCR can fix that. Granted, I do ride my bike without a helmet (shame on me), but I ride almost exclusively on bike paths, away from motorized traffic (rationalization, FTW!). I could fall off my bike or get hit by a bike and hit my head, but I'm pretty sure the probability of a brain injury from that kind of fall is much lower than the probability of one from getting hit with a car or truck or hitting the asphalt at high speeds. I really should get a helmet or wear the one I actually do own, in any case.
  • I am obviously going to enjoy this vacation, but I'm also looking forward to next quarter. I will start working in a lab studying lactation and infant development on campus, I'm taking classes I (mostly) really want to take, and I have a big sewing project all ready for me to getting a-sewing on. Speaking of that project and next quarter...
  • I'm marching for Maddie again. Are you?


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