Friday, October 31, 2008

Oooh, Spoooky!

Sometimes, Baby A and I FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT.

People on drugs tend to be very scared when they see us. No, seriously. (This happens more than you think). They
tend to go all "Whoa, dude, there's like.... two of you. Are you both... real?" YES.

Baby A and I usually don't dress alike for Halloween. Not since we were six or so.

Halloween is an excuse for many college students to part-ay. While dressing up as sexy nurses, sexy cops, sexy fairies, sexy witches, sexy angels... you get the point. Alcohol and drugs abound on this fine holiday. (I am at home, I made my friends a casserole, and I am going to snuggle in with my boyfriend for a movie. I am so. not. cool).

Imagine this: Baby A and I dressed exactly alike on Halloween. Out in public. Run into a bunch of high-as-a-kite college kids. They would be TERRIFIED. Baby A and I would laugh our butts off.

Next Halloween, for sure.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Her Head is Smooshed

I love my twinkie, and she loves me. But I think a liiiittle part of her hasn't forgiven me for my in-utero transgressions.

Like probably taking more of the food. I only weighed 2 oz more at birth, but she was underdone on the inside, so who knows?

Like ruining her birth moment. Uh, TOTALLY not my fault my cord came out with her. And then the doctors were all, "We gotta get Baby B outta there!!" And three minutes into her (glorious) time here on earth sans clone, I showed up on the scene, blue and not making a sound. I've been a spotlight-stealer from day one, apparently.

Like making her head a different shape. You think I'm kidding? We have different face shapes, probably from her head being my seat in the womb. No joke. I wonder if any other twins have this...

Gee. It's good for me that there's this whole "unconditional love" thing.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Twins at Work

I was at the grocery store, at the check-out. I looked up at my cashier and saw the one behind her as well.

TWINS! They looked very alike, which was awesome. Of course, I struck up a conversation, but I mostly think she thought I was crazy.

What can I say? I love seeing identical twins in public, because it doesn't happen very often.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Let's start over.

Hi, my name is Alison, aka Baby B. I'm an undergraduate at a university in Northern California that I love love love. My twin goes to the same school. We share a room in an apartment, a car, two cats (I'm the "auntie"), and a brain.
I spend my free time reading the interwebs. I like crafting blogs. I like reading about food. I'm not a mom and don't plan on being one any. time. soon. But I love reading about other people's babies so much that I'm subscribed to more family blogs than I care to admit.
Before you think "Creeper!," I was one of those little girls who was super into baby dolls and playing house, babysitting was my only job for a long time, and I love babies and children so much that I want to be a registered dietitian specializing in pregnancy and infant and toddler health.
Offline, I go to school, study, and try not to screw up. Wait, I try not to screw up online too, but clearly my lack of posting since, um, EVER may indicate otherwise.

Nice to meet you.