Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Her Head is Smooshed

I love my twinkie, and she loves me. But I think a liiiittle part of her hasn't forgiven me for my in-utero transgressions.

Like probably taking more of the food. I only weighed 2 oz more at birth, but she was underdone on the inside, so who knows?

Like ruining her birth moment. Uh, TOTALLY not my fault my cord came out with her. And then the doctors were all, "We gotta get Baby B outta there!!" And three minutes into her (glorious) time here on earth sans clone, I showed up on the scene, blue and not making a sound. I've been a spotlight-stealer from day one, apparently.

Like making her head a different shape. You think I'm kidding? We have different face shapes, probably from her head being my seat in the womb. No joke. I wonder if any other twins have this...

Gee. It's good for me that there's this whole "unconditional love" thing.


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