Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Houston, We Have... Cats

Baby A is compassionate and kind and loves animals. So when the chance to adopt two little orphan kittens wandered in her path, she picked it up, schmoogled (TOTALLY a word) it, and said YES.

Now that we're in an apartment that allows pets, the brothers, who are now over a year old, live with us. They are named after historical figures. The bigger one is named after a certain king of France who got beheaded, along with his young wife, and was known for being fat. The smaller one is named after a certain French military leader who was known for being short. Louis and Napoleon. Clever, right? Auntie (yours truly) came up with them.

Yes, it is true. I am an auntie to two four-legged creatures, which is certainly preferable in my mind to being an auntie to one eight-legged creature. Because why anyone would want a huge, hairy spider as a pet is beyond me.

And then it randomly occurs to me every so often that when I'm eventually an auntie to Baby A's biological two-legged children, they will have MY DNA too. Our kids will be genetically indistinguishable from half-siblings.

Say one of us has bum ovaries. She could totally just use the other one's eggs! The possessor of said faulty reproductive organs is STILL passing on her DNA to the next generation, despite the fact that the eggs were stored in the other twin.

Having spare body parts walking around could be so useful (there's so much to say about that). Here's hoping we never test that theory.


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