Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yet Another Conjoined Twins Story

I found this just yesterday. A case of conjoined twins who cannot be separated despite best efforts to find a way.

Romanian conjoined twins Anastasia and Tatiana will be five this coming January, and are conjoined at the head (craniopagus twins). Their heads face opposite directions, so as the news story puts it, "they have never been able to look each other in the eye."

It is too dangerous to separate the girls because their brains are growing together and their systems are very complexly intertwined. If the girls had been able to separated, Anastasia would still have needed dialysis and a kidney transplant, because she relies on Tatiana's kidneys.

They were brought the US in the hopes that they could be separated, much like the Ibrahim twins, Mohammed and Ahmed. They now live in the Chicago area.

Everyone was hoping for the best possible outcome, a healthy separation, so there has understandably been much disappointment. I hope for the best for the girls and their family.


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