Friday, April 25, 2008

Twin Arguments

Sometimes we argue about our room. OK, so that's mainly why we argue. I can live in a messy room for a while, especially when I'm busy (midterms, projects, endless college tedium). Baby A, on the other hand, might smother me in my sleep at any point when the room hits a certain level of hovel-ness.
Baby A: (very serious tone) "I'm cleaning the room so I don't have to kill you."
Baby B: "I appreciate that."

I can't focus on cleaning when there are pressing academic things to be done (and iTunes to fiddle with and the interwebs to read and adventures to be had, but those are different stories). Baby B can't focus on academic matters when there is cleaning to be done.
Baby A: "Baby B, you need to do the laundry and pick up your crap."
Baby B: (snarls) "I'm busy studying for chemistry!"

Arguments sometimes arise from random things, like what is the best way to go about something or stress or something like that. When these types of fights occur, they usually end like this-
Baby B: "Whatever."
Baby A: "I'm over it."
And then everything goes back to normal.

One pretty spectacular miscommunication was when Baby A was deciding between two universities, the one I had my heart set on and the one she originally had her heart set on. She ended up deciding to go to school with me, due to my school having a more prestigious reputation (that's not being snobbish, that's being honest) and offering her a hell of a lot more money.
Baby B: (sobbing) "You-u don't want to roooom with meee!" (continues sobbing)
Baby A: "Wait, what?"
Baby B: "You don't want to be my roommate!"
Baby A: "Of course I want to room with you!"
Baby B: "Then why aren't we rooming together?"
Baby A: "I thought Mom and Dad wanted us to room separately!"
Baby B: "Me too!"
Dad: "I never said that! I just want you girls to be happy."
(Baby A and B look at each other)
Mom to Baby B: "Just don't drive your sister nuts. She's been cleaning up after you for 18 years [that's not entirely true]."

You should reread the previous arguments to see how well I have been following Mom's advice.

Baby B

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