Monday, April 21, 2008

10 Twin Questions I Will Go Ahead and Answer for You

1. No, we cannot read each other's minds.

2. Yes, I can usually make an educated guess as to what Baby A is thinking. I am so good at it because I know her very well and we often have similar thoughts about things.

3. If you poke her, I cannot feel it.

4. Yes, I have somehow felt something was wrong when something bad happened to Baby A. Coincidence, connection? Maybe, I don't know.

5. There is not a "smarter twin." We have somewhat different strengths, but we have the same "nature" and very similar "nurture."

6. There is not a "better twin." Or "evil twin." Or anything like that.

7. Yes, we fight. Not very often, and fights usually don't last very long. (It's not worth it to keep a grudge going).

8. No, we don't like all the same foods. For example, Baby A looooves chocolate, and I immensely dislike it. I loooove eggplant in all its forms, and Baby A avoids it like the plague. We have similar feelings on shellfish (we're allergic to shrimp, so it's all kind of out for us), coffee (manna), good bread (gift from heaven), bell peppers (which are the devil's work), and many other foods.

9. No, we don't like the same boys. We think a lot of the same celebrities are attractive human beings, but we date completely different "types."

10. Yes, it's awesome having a twin.

TEGAN AND SARA TONIGHT! I will blog tomorrow about the show, even though that is loosely related to being a twin. Well, I am going with my twin to see twins in a band perform, so I won't lose sleep over it.

Hasta luego,
Baby B


zachmargolis said...

Yes you can read each other's minds.

Heather said...

I just left my list of twin questions on a different post. I clearly need to get on the ball.