Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tegan and Sara, Pt. II

The Tegan and Sara show was AMAZING.

Their opening act, An Horse from Australia, was really great. They played wonderful music and interacted with the audience super well. Very funny people! The people we went with were all very pleasantly surprised. We all agreed they were one of the best opening bands we had ever seen. When An Horse comes back to America, I'll go to a show with Baby A.

Tegan and Sara. Basically, the music was fantastic and their anecdotes were hilarious. Of course, Baby A and I really like Tegan and Sara , so we thought it was awesome. We have been to many, many concerts before and this one ranks up there in the "all-time favorites" category. My boyfriend happens to have never been to a "real" concert before (not including orchestra and band performances), and he thought it was great. And he was expecting to not have any fun. So there you go.

It was interesting to see, in person, some identical twins that are older than us. It's nice to see they still look alike. (You may laugh, but Baby A and I never saw any older identical twins together growing up. We used to wonder if we would still be twins when we grew up). Seeing them was really fascinating, because they look alike yet unalike at the same time. But I usually have that feeling when I see other identicals. Because I am a twin, the "sameness" doesn't throw me off, and I can immediately see differences.

Next time: some argumentative twin dialogue. Stay tuned.

Baby B

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