Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh, The Fear

Baby A and I were asked by more than four separate small people today at work if we could dress alike tomorrow. Since everyone gets a camp t-shirt for field trips, they can just wait for the field trip this week, we said.

Most of the kids, however, live in mortal fear that we will DRESS ALIKE. Or TRICK THEM. Or SWITCH GLASSES. Or WEAR OUR HAIR THE SAME. And they talk JUST LIKE THAT.

Our response is "We like you all too much. We wouldn't do that to you."

What I don't get is the anxiety about this. I do understand that it can just be disconcerting for some to look at us. None of the kids have had such a reaction. They just think it's cool we're twins for about three seconds and then move on to connect 4 or wall ball or coloring. But the alarm that we're going to TRICK THEM? I blame the media. How many times has the tricky identical twins concept been used as a gag on television?

Baby B

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