Thursday, July 17, 2008

Away With Leave

Baby A is out tonight. I had already made a date (to babysit), so when our friend invited us to sleep over at her new apartment, Baby A took the opportunity. I went to go wrangle some toddlers.

I'm home now. I am usually acutely aware of where Baby A is. But tonight, from my busy night with the under 4 crowd, I forgot. I went to our room to put down my stuff, and I was surprised she wasn't there. It took me the walk from our bedroom to the kitchen (not long at all, but still) to remember. Stepmom then informed me of when she left, so it was good I had managed to remember before being ambushed.

I'm happy she's out having fun. We don't always do everything together, which I know you may find hard to believe. But it's true. I should blog about those times more often. I should blog more often in general, but you already knew that.

Good night,
Baby B

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