Monday, June 30, 2008

The Games We Play(ed)

This is somewhat a continuation of yesterday's post. Built-in best friends are handy for playing games with.

I was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 (highly recommended) reruns on TLC. In one of the episodes, Kate mentions how she has no idea what the kids are playing, yet they are all on the same page. She says her older twin girls never seem to discuss the game whenever they are playing together, and the little ones, all six of them, also never seem to talk about the game, they just play it.

Our dad has mentioned similar things to us. In all our games or stories we made up, we were generally on the same page, without too much discussion. So it seemed to outsiders that we had some weird way of staying on course without ever talking about the game. It baffled them.

I do have to point out that it was not something telepathic or "creepy." Just like I can tell if she'll like the shirt I bought, or she can tell what I would like off the menu at a restaurant we've never been to before, we have pretty solid ideas about what the other one will agree with. We also have twinkie filters, so we can generally veto something before the other one has to.

It is pretty miraculous to have that sort of connection with someone, twin or not.

Baby B

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Heather said...

My brother and I were the same way with games and stories. We always knew where we wanted the stories to go and how they should end!