Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Product Change Should Require a Memo

"You smell different."

I had been smelling something new occasionally for a few hours. Definitely not bad, just new. Something shampoo-like. Eventually, I realized it was when Baby A was around.

I accused her of smelling different. OK, maybe "accuse" isn't the right word, but I stated it. Forcefully.

Well, she has some new hair product, something in a green bottle that is supposed to be good for wavy hair. (Our hair is awkwardly between wavy and straight, so it needs a bit of help sometimes picking an option.) I vaguely remember her purchasing it but a) I tend to use non-smelly stuff so it didn't compute and b) I was only half-paying attention when she mentioned it. And it smells quite good, actually.

Baby A and one roommate laughed. This roommate is the one who is a twin too.

"I was confused! I didn't get it!" I justified my declaration.

My roommate just said, "No, I totally get it!"

Twins, man.


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