Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Only Wish I Could Juggle

It is true. I cannot juggle. I also can't whistle, and this is something that, yes, actually bothers me. And so many people have tried to teach me! I am slightly tongue tied (Baby A too); it was enough of a problem to make feeding a concern when we were just wee new humans but not enough of a problem to go under the knife. Like how I dramatized an outpatient procedure performed on many people with no complications? It's actually called a frenotomy, and it's just a little snip with a scalpel or a laser of the tissue that holds your tongue down. But in any case, Baby A and I can speak/eat/etc. normally. It could be why I cannot roll my R's so my Spanish SUCKS and I cannot whistle. These two reasons are not pressing enough to let someone take a sharp instrument to the bottom of my mouth.

And I digress. Hard. I should be a college professor, that's how awesome my digression skills are. Anyway: JUGGLING. Also, I hate the circus and I HATE clowns. Clowns juggle. Maybe my inability to juggle is my subconscious way of further distancing myself from them. And when did hating clowns become cool? It's become a part of pop culture. I, on the other hand, instead of wearing shirts that advertise such a phobia, just break out into a cold sweat when there is one around and duck behind the nearest object, animate or inanimate. Wait: a brief Google search reveals the phrase "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me" came from an Al.ice C.ooper song. So it's HIS fault I see clowns on shirts everywhere. Got it.

JUGGLING. I am currently juggling school, work, a few projects of the crafty variety, trying to not let the piles of clothes and papers in our room reach waist high, one intramural sport, a few clubs, and having a social life.

Nope, this post had nothing to do with twins. You know what else has nothing to do with twins? National Novel Writing Month. Go ahead and add NaNoWriMo to that list above. Word count as of last night: 2640. I am a little behind schedule, but I really want to do it this year and get 50,000 words of prose down before 11:59 the night of November 30.

And now we've reached the end and you are wondering "What the hell was the point of this post?" Here you go: I can't juggle when it comes to actual, physical juggling, but I do try my best to juggle the things in my life. And sometimes I drop a bowling pin (I decided my mental picture of juggling is going to include bowling pins because I LOVE BOWLING), but I'm trying.


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