Thursday, May 1, 2008

Working Together

Baby A and I work together at an internship in a city close to our university.

Benefits of working with your twin:
1. We keep each other entertained.
2. We can collaborate to make things go faster.
3. We are very good at teamwork and splitting work down the middle. One will always feel guilty if she sticks the other one with more work, so we keep it even. (Except the whole room cleaning thing. But you already knew about that).
4. We are usually on the same wavelength about how to go about something. Except today, I described how I wanted to do something, she suggested we do it a different way.
Baby B: "Can I just do it my way?"
Baby A: "Sure."
You just can't do that with the average coworker!
5. We keep each other entertained. (I put that one again because I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic it is to work with your best friend).

I'm working for the weekend, aren't you?
Baby B

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