Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Apart

Baby A and I spent the weekend apart. Some people are surprised we spend so much time together; others are surprised we spend some much time apart.

We handle separation well. While I was away this weekend, I texted her with interesting tidbits and I called her a couple times. I think our parents were more worried than either of us were. Apparently, Dad texted Baby A multiple times on Saturday (though he eased up on Sunday when it was clear she was going to make it). Mom also got in on the action. When I called her, she asked if I knew how my sister was doing and mentioned that she was going to call her in a minute.

We didn't always handle separation well. We sobbed. We wailed. We moped. But I don't think we were unusually attached for identicals. And as we grew older, and we had more experience leaving and being left, the experience went from wretched and horrible to somewhat unpleasant.

Trips, we are OK with. Living apart? Eh, not so sure about that quite yet. Since we have an apartment together next year (we are sharing a bedroom and two of our girl friends are sharing the other bedroom), this obstacle has been postponed further. Right now, going to the same school, being young, it makes sense for us to live together. We definitely don't anticipate being old maids living together, single in the marriage sense. But for right now, living together is cheaper and convenient.

A friend of ours we have known since middle school has a mom that is an identical twin. Her twin lives in Arizona. If I remember correctly, they lived together till their early twenties, even moved around together some, then one came to California and the other went to Florida or some other far-off state. Now, the other one is in Arizona. Even though these twins don't live in the same town, or state, they talk on the phone every day, sometimes more than once. I think that's a pretty healthy twin dynamic, and I hope that when Baby A and I move away from each other, we keep our lines of communication open, as wide as the Colorado River.

Adult twins are still twins, no matter how far apart they are.

Love till Niagara falls,
Baby B

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