Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twins Don't Judge Their Twin, or The In-n-Out Religious Experience

Generally speaking, that is. Baby A and I have judged each other before, with that very same connotation with which everyone is familiar. Rare is the person who can say that they have never judged a family member or friend, rarer still is the person who can profess to never having judged a stranger.

Twins, though, tend not to judge each other. I'm not saying twins are saints (oh no, double the fun, double the trouble), but within twin pairs, judgmental attitudes rear their heads only oh so often.

Case in point:
Today, Baby A and I pre-gamed for our In-n-Out Double-Doubles with a cheeseburger to share. No "Wow, that's a lot of food" or "Do you really need all that?" comments. Just the burger back and forth until we got home to consume the rest of our pieces of heaven, in the guise of burgers and fries.

Side note: And the Lord said "Let there be In-n-Out" and there was and He saw that it was good. Ah-men.

If she or I had suggested that with anyone else (barring close friends who have witnessed first hand the Baby A/Baby B whirlwind at feeding time), there's a good chance a snicker or a look would have been given and the other person would've made one of those mental notes, like "Hmph. How can she eat like that?" or "That's gross."

Side note, again: And the Lord made twins and He said "Unto you shall come deliciousness in the form of meat and sauce and vegetables and cheese between two pieces of bread, and you will commune together in the deliciousness." The twins saw the holiness of this creation, and were awed by the goodness. Ah-men.

Peace (and good food) be with you,
Baby B

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Heather said...

Thank you for the teething advice!

Your blog is hilarious! I'm a twin, but not identical. I always wished we were identical, but being that he was a boy, that would have been a little hard.