Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spanish Twins Separated At Birth

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot even imagine how devastating this whole situation must be.

The identical twin that grew up with her biological parents: I could imagine her having a case of pretty bad guilt, like survivor's guilt, so to speak.

The twin that isn't the twin: The whole rug must feel like it was pulled out from under her. To find out that she isn't actually a twin and that she has a whole separate family?

The twin that was separated: Wow. I can't imagine finding out I had an identical twin walking around all those years, and then grieving for all the years that were stolen from them, grieving for the dad she never met (he passed away before the twins found each other).

One news report said one of the identical twins (I'm guessing the one that was separated from her family) had to undergo counseling to come to terms with her true identity.

I think this report may not be true. It's the only I found in a Google News search that mentions they were conjoined.* I'm pretty sure if the infant twins had been conjoined, it would be easy to tell that one didn't have marks from the surgery, right? Maybe the reporter misunderstood "separated." Every other story just says "identical."
*I just double-checked. It's the only one that has "conjoined" in it.

Apparently, this mistake was uncovered in 2001, so I hope everyone has found some peace at this point.

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