Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poor Us... Wait, What?

Pity. It happens.

But getting pitied because we are twins? That really sucks.

"Poor you, your family dressed you
two alike. However did you live through it?" (Quite happily, thanks).

"You had to SHARE?! Oh, how
horrible your childhood must have been." (Sharing is caring, folks, and it really wasn't bad).

"You have always been around each other? How
do you manage it?" (Because we like each other).

Not everyone is like this, I want you to know. Yes, you may call me Captain Obvious. Lots and lots of people either a) think being a twin is cool or b) are ambivalent, like "Hey, you're people, I'm a person, it's all good, whatevs" type of ambivalent. Sometimes c) are mildly annoyed because telling us apart is hard or looking alike draws attention (which we don't look for BTW, except here on this little blog of course... alright, moving right along) or whatever.

BUT these statements have happened, or a statement with that general idea has happened. Mostly from kids or people our age, but we have had some random comments from adult strangers. (Heh. Adult. We're 20. When does one stop using "adult" as an adjective?)

It's like twins wear signs like

"OH HAI, we look alike and/or were born on the same day
so please tell us your opinion about how we should run our lives
(based on personal experience or not),

To those people and such comments, we politely smile. And then post it on teh interwebs.


1 comment:

Heather said...

we got the pity all the time! I think everyone is just jealous of the awesome that is being a twin.