Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nan and Diana

I have been rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. Even now, I reread series and books I loved as a child. Often. Harry Potter? Practically memorized. The Laura Ingalls books? Know them like the back of my hand. But I forgot about Anne. She's popped back into my consciousness now and again, but never at a time where I was near my books (we trimmed down the books we took to school to the essentials) and with free time to read them.

Anne's life has twins weaving through it throughout the books. She cares for Mrs. Hammond's three sets of twins before her arrival to Green Gables, the home of Matthew and Marilla. Marilla and Anne take in Davy and Dora, a set of twins, as their own. Anne has her own set when she is building her own family, Nan and Diana. Yes, we are breaking down a fictional series, twin-style.

Nan, with brown hair and brown eyes, and Diana, with red hair and green eyes, do not look alike. Anne mentions her disappointment that they do not look "one bit alike" in
Anne of Ingleside.

The Hammond twins were probably all fraternal, since it runs in families. Davy and Dora... obviously fraternal. (The gender difference is a dead giveaway, folks.) And Anne's are certainly fraternals.

I like how these twins are treated like their birth status is incidental, just a detail. We really don't need every ficitional pair of twins to be all twin-y.


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